MS SQL compression on SAP database

Database compression is nothing new in the Microsoft database environment, MS SQL 2008 already fully sported it. Sometimes, for larger databases it actually proved to be a useful, space-saving solution which improved memory usage, with a little bigger CPU utilization  (with page compression), but frankly I didn’t use it too often. The main drawback is the requirement for Enterprise Edition of SQL Server, which as we know is not the cheapest. Let’s get to the merits…. recently I had the opportunity to participate in the migration of the database server on which the SAP system worked, and I would like to mention just a few words about the compression that we decided to turn on (before the migration SAP was running on SQL Server 2005 which does not support this feature). All the signs in the heaven and the earth indicated that this is the type of database in which this functionality should be really useful and efficient. All SAP whitepapers praised the benefits of compression and, more importantly for some time, all new SAP installations use it by default in it’s strongest version – page compression. If someone has already had to deal with the SAP database then he probably knows that there are only 3 or 4 data types used, and the majority is fixed length nchar, which is space consuming and additionally a lot of data is repeated, many columns remain empty (but still wasting disk space) etc.

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IIS 7.5 Windows authentication problem (401 – Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials)

For the last few years, I’ve enabled IIS windows authentication several times and there was absolutely no problem ever…. until yesterday. Everything was set up as it should be (at least according to my knowledge) but Internet Explorer kept on asking for my login and password to eventually show me “401 – Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials” error page.

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SQL driver 3.0 for PHP

About 3 weeks ago along with SQL Server 2012, Microsoft relased third version of PHP driver for MS SQL Server.

Here is the list of the most important changes… at least from my point of view:

  • Full support for PHP 5.4
  • Support for Always On – new feature in SQL Server, highly requested by database eadministrators, which is a kind of clustering mixed with mirroring
  • Buffered queries support

Please be advised that this driver version does NOT work with PHP 5.2 or older and requires SQL Native Client 2012.

You can download it from codeplex.

SQL 2012 – new licensing model

Recently a new SQL version has been released by Microsoft. It was known as Denali but it’s officaly SQL 2012 now. Off course it brings us a nice list of new features (which I will describe another time), but also completely new licensing model. It doesn’t look that bad at the begging – now we have 3 main editions:

- Standard

- Business Intelligence

- Enterprise

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